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Work of Art


Our jewels can be likened to the greatest artworks – masterpieces that take the inherent beauty of the finest diamonds and gemstones, transformed into something unmistakably original.

Sapphire and diamond Abstract earrings (Sapphires 47.39cts, Diamonds 52.24cts); 32.22 carat cushion cut Burmese sapphire ring (Diamonds 6.99cts).
Ruby and diamond Peony necklace (Rubies 33.15cts, Diamonds 28.09cts); Ruby and diamond Peony earrings (Rubies 16.04cts, Diamonds 8.04cts)
Diamond necklace featuring a 53.94 carat Fancy Intense Yellow emerald cut diamond (130.62cts).
Diamond hoop earrings (29.20cts); Emerald cut and baguette cut diamond ring (12.65cts).
Diamond necklace (63.24cts); Diamond earrings (44.82cts); Diamond bracelet (42.78cts); 14.02 carat pear shape diamond ring Above Diamond hoop earrings (29.20cts).

Sapphire and diamond necklace (Sapphires 70.76cts, Diamonds 45.32cts); Sapphire and diamond earrings (Sapphires 23.73cts, Diamonds 11.17cts); Sapphire and diamond bracelet (Sapphires 44.13cts, Diamonds 18.46cts); 20.71 carat oval Burmese sapphire ring.
Emerald and diamond necklace (Emeralds 66.91cts, Diamonds 51.02cts); Emerald and diamond earrings featuring 18.69 carat and 18.49 carat cushion cut Colombian emeralds (Emeralds 59.72cts, Diamonds 30.90cts); 21.07 carat emerald cut Colombian emerald ring.
Yellow and white diamond necklace (91.26cts); Yellow and white diamond earrings (47.59cts); 40.32 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond ring.

Diamond earrings featuring 10.51 carat and 10.50 carat D Flawless oval diamonds (61.24cts); 36.22 carat D Flawless oval diamond ring.
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