The Graff Difference


Spanning several generations of the Graff family, we are unique in the world of diamonds. We preside over every stage of a diamond’s journey and are dedicated to seeking out only the very best: diamonds that will speak to the heart for eternity.

Laurence Graff looking into the Graff Venus heart shape diamond via a loupe

A Family Affair

A member of the Graff family personally selects every stone that passes through the House. Only those diamonds that have met their stringent standards will be showcased in our engagement rings.
A Graff round diamond Promise setting engagement ring

The Graff Way

The greatest care and attention is paid to every Graff diamond, from the impeccable cuts to the unique settings and meticulous craftsmanship, undertaken by masters of their art.
Close up of a Graff craftsman setting a diamond engagement ring

Star Stones

Born from stone-led craftsmanship, we craft each setting by hand to cradle the silhouette of a diamond and honour the nuances that make it unique. Our master ring mounters ensure every stone is perfectly positioned in its bespoke mount so that the optimum amount of light can reflect off its facets, maximising its beauty.
A man is kissing a lady wearing a Graff diamond engagement ring

A Unique Journey

Graff presides over every stage of a diamond’s journey, seeking out only the very best stones and crafting them with passion and precision. The result? Absolute perfection.
A Graff emerald cut diamond Promise setting engagement ring

Made in London

Graff has crafted the majority of the most important diamonds discovered this century and your engagement ring will be cared for in our London workshop by the same artisans who shaped these historic stones.
Graff Diamond engraved with Graff name

Perfect Provenance

Every Graff diamond is responsibly mined and traceable to its source. Many are also laser inscribed, ensuring their exceptional provenance. Each engagement ring is issued with a GIA certificate and bears the distinguished Graff logo on the shank.

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