The Tilda’s Bow Collection 

Immerse yourself in the Tilda's Bow collection, exquisite diamond jewellery that celebrates and honours innate feminine strength and the unbreakable bond of family connections.

Incomparably Graff

The House of Graff has designed and crafted exceptional jewellery that is a testament to breathtaking beauty and unparalleled desirability.


Diamond Mastery

An enduring influence for the House of Graff, each diamond bow is meticulously crafted to enchant and captivate. Discover the full Tilda's Bow collection.


Perfectly Paired

Radiant diamonds, striking motifs, and highly sought-after timeless jewellery — discover diamond jewellery sets designed and crafted to be worn together.


White Diamond Jewellery

Showcasing a myriad of motifs and styles, discover captivating and contemporary collections that capture the brilliance of Graff's diamonds.


Graff Butterfly

Beautifully embodying transformation, the Graff Butterfly collection comprises precious talismans, reminding the wearer of their strength, freedom and opportunity to fly. 

The House of Graff

Engagement & Bridal 

Every Graff engagement ring is an exquisite treasure, meticulously designed and crafted to showcase the unique personality and passionate fire of the stone at their heart.


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Lesedi La Rona Fragrance

Our exclusive collection of fragrances pairs the rarest and most precious ingredients in perfumery.