Emerald High Jewellery


Graff has a long-held affinity with the colour green and is renowned for the incomparable beauty of its emeralds. Only those jewels with an exceptional hue are selected, often Colombian emeralds, which are celebrated for their ardent colour and breathtaking transparency. Discover the spellbinding allure of our emeralds – the very epitome of rarity. 

“There is something wonderfully enigmatic about emeralds. The secrets that they hold within the depths of their rich colour - it’s truly magical.”

- Laurence Graff

Opulent Colour

Our gemmologists spend many months seeking out the very finest gemstones for each new emerald creation – sourcing emeralds that are the perfect match requires an expert human eye in pursuit of perfection. 

Vibrant Elegance

Once an emerald has passed our rigorous selection process, it is passed to the design team, who study it closely to better understand its nuances and character before their vision for the jewel is realised. 

Dramatic Allure

Emeralds are versatile gemstones that can be faceted, carved and polished into smooth cabochons and beads; however, they are delicate and command specific expertise and exemplary diligence from our master artisans. 

Bold Intensity

With vivid colour gifted by nature and displaying an intense vibrancy of colour, rich green emeralds are elevated above a creative arrangement of exquisite white diamonds.

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