Sapphire High Jewellery


Long celebrated as regal stones, sapphires have been worn by kings and queens in western cultures for centuries. Traditionally, their vivid depths bore connotations of nobility, truth and romance, and they were often exchanged as symbols of union and faithfulness. Graff is the world’s premier destination for exceptional sapphire high jewellery, which we invite you to discover in our boutiques worldwide.

Sapphire and White Diamond Necklace

Drop of Colour

A breathtaking display of diamond artistry, the eye is drawn to the mesmerising, detachable cushion cut Burmese sapphire drop suspended at the base of this enchanting high jewellery creation. At over 32 carats, the unheated centre stone displays the rich and intense blue hue that has earned Burmese sapphires their legendary status, framed by a halo of baguette cut diamonds that crescendo into a tightly bound diamond knot.

32.22 carat cushion cut Burmese sapphire and diamond necklace (Diamonds 24.75 carats)

Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

Creative Compositions

Juxtaposing pear shape and marquise diamonds, expertly assembled to form a precious pathway of stones, our designers have envisaged a magnificent diamond bracelet that contrasts thebrilliance of a diamond with the rich and vibrant hue of the finest sapphires. Set with almost 25 carats of emerald cut sapphires and diamonds totalling more than 50 carats, the stones are set atabstract angles to form a uniquely enchanting silhouette.

Sapphire and diamond bracelet (Sapphires 24.97 carats, Diamonds 50.52 carats)

A Family Affair

A gouache painting is created of each sapphire high jewellery design before it is presented to the Graff family, who are integral to the creative decision-making process. All of our sapphire jewels are bestowed with a refined elegance, sleek lines and an all-important focus on the gemstones themselves.

Sapphire Cabochon Bracelet

Rare Beauty

With its sensual, sumptuous shape, the 63.93 carat cabochon Ceylon sapphire at the heart of this bracelet entrances with its deep blue hue. The elegant, rounded contours of the unheatedsapphire are echoed in the bracelet, which contrasts more than 35 carats of cabochon sapphires with a sleek row of emerald and baguette cut diamonds.

63.93 carat cabochon Ceylon sapphire and diamond bracelet (Sapphires 98.95 carats, Diamonds 32.15 carats)

“Our experienced gemmologists are constantly challenged to source and match the finest sapphires in the world.”

- Laurence Graff