Ruby High Jewellery

Burning Passion

For many thousands of years, rubies have been celebrated as symbols of romance and passion. Graff’s gemmologists, designers and master craftsmen work diligently with only the finest rubies in order to create high jewellery creations that are the heirlooms of tomorrow. We invite you to discover our extraordinary ruby jewels in our boutiques worldwide.

Cushion Cut Ruby and Diamond Ring

Intense Colour

Our expert artisans are masters of contrast, finding the most brilliant white diamonds to emphasise the extraordinary vivacity of our rubies. This profoundly beautiful combination - rich red vibrancy and the purest, brightest white fire - is magnificently showcased in this 11 carat certified cushion cut Pigeon's Blood ruby and white diamond ring.

11.20 carat cushion cut Pigeon's Blood ruby and diamond ring (Diamonds 3.84 carats)

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

A Quest for Perfection

An exceptional collection of rubies weighing more than 66 carats, perfectly matched for colour, clarity and transparency, is the star of this one of a kind necklace. Accented with round diamonds, delicately set beneath the rubies, each rich, red gem has been perfecly positioned within its bespoke mount to create a seamless row of vivid colour.

Ruby and diamond necklace (Rubies 66.26 carats, Diamonds 9.60 carats)

Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Flawless Craftsmanship

Each ruby we employ is hand selected by the Graff family, and must pass a rigorous selection process before it is set. Our master craftsmen ensure each gemstone is nestled in a carefully crafted collet that allows the ardent hue of the stone to radiate, creating a flawless jewel bursting with vivid colour, such as these ruby and diamond drop earrings.

Ruby and diamond earrings (Rubies 18.39 cts, diamonds 22.93 cts)

“The way a ruby connects with you when you hold it in your hand is deeply personal.” 

- Laurence Graff

An Artist’s Vision

Gouache painting is one of the most crucial stages in the evolution of any Graff high jewellery design. Using coloured paints, our designers create an illustration of each jewel, executed in life-size scale, resulting in an artist’s impression of how it will look once it is brought to life.

Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Artful Angles

Showcasing more than 100 scintillating diamonds of over 38 carats, our multi shape white diamond bracelet is punctuated with 18 elegant emerald cut rubies. Masterfully set in minimal white gold settings so that each stone is imperceptibly linked to the next, the rubies glow a vibrant, vivid red among the pure white diamonds.

Ruby and diamond bracelet (Rubies 20.21 carats, Diamonds 38.56 carats)

Burmese Ruby Ring

Intense Colour

Delicate pear shape diamond side stones guide the eye to the breathtaking centre stone in this timelessly elegant ring: a rare 4.49 carat cushion cut Pigeon’s Blood ruby displaying the incomparable, vivid red hue associated with the finest rubies from Burma.

4.49 carat cushion cut Burmese Pigeon’s Blood ruby ring (Diamonds 1.61 carats)

“I’ve never lost my sense of wonder that these extraordinary stones came from under the ground, waiting for us to find them.” 

- Laurence Graff