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Couture Week Highlights at Graff’s Paris Boutique


In celebration of Couture Week and its own first anniversary, the Graff boutique in Paris presented an exceptional exhibition of our finest jewels.

Our first Parisian location opened its doors in 2016. In a short space of time the boutique has come to play a central role in Parisian couture life, joining many of the city’s most venerable jewellery houses in this remarkable destination.

On display was a collection of the unique jewels for which Graff is renowned. Showcasing the artistic skill, attention to detail and ingenuity of our designers and master craftsmen, as well as our signature use of minimal and intricate settings that allow the brilliance of each diamond and gemstone to shine through, this was an opportunity to view some of the world’s most spectacular jewellery in the heart of the city of light.
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