Sapphire High Jewellery


Long celebrated as regal stones, sapphires have been worn by kings and queens in western cultures for centuries. Traditionally, their vivid depths bore connotations of nobility, truth and romance, and they were often exchanged as symbols of union and faithfulness. Graff is the world’s premier destination for exceptional sapphire high jewellery, which we invite you to discover in our boutiques worldwide.

Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

Shades of Heaven

A striking bracelet with a magnificent 50.52 carat emerald cut sapphire at its heart, framed by over 50 carats of the finest emerald cut white diamonds. Graff’s exceptional cutting and polishing skills are showcased in the sleek, precise silhouette of each emerald cut, unleashing remarkable fire and brilliance.

50.52 carat emerald cut sapphire and diamond bracelet (Diamonds 50.93 cts)

Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Bespoke Settings

Celebrated for their powerfully rich and vivid hue, the centre stone in this classic Graff ring is a sublime 13.91 carat emerald cut sapphire from Sri Lanka, certified as Royal Blue. Set into a classically elegant Graff ring, complemented by tapered baguette cut diamond side stones, the depth and intensity of this rare sapphire is truly breathtaking.

13.91 carat emerald cut Sri Lankan sapphire and diamond ring (Diamonds 1.38 cts)

A Family Affair

A gouache painting is created of each sapphire high jewellery design before it is presented to the Graff family, who are integral to the creative decision-making process. All of our sapphire jewels are bestowed with a refined elegance, sleek lines and an all-important focus on the gemstones themselves.

Cabochon Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Celebrating Miracles

This 30 carat Kashmir sapphire cabochon ring is one of the finest examples of sapphires ever witnessed; its extraordinarily profound shade of blue is inimitable. A simple and sleek design featuring baguette cut diamond side stones allows the centre stone to take centre stage, celebrating a sublime miracle of nature.

30.14 carat Kashmir Sapphire and diamond ring (Diamonds 2.05 cts)

Sapphire and Diamond Bangle

Audacious Design

The rich, deep blue of a Graff sapphire makes it the perfect choice for bold design statements, such as this sculptural sapphire and diamond bangle. Two 20 carat cabochon sapphires are the heroes of the piece, complemented by an intricate stream of custom cut sapphires and the finest white diamonds.

Sapphire and diamond bangle (Sapphires 55.50 cts, Diamonds 14.97 cts)

“Our experienced gemmologists are constantly challenged to source and match the finest sapphires in the world.”

- Laurence Graff

Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

Harmonious Movement

A magnificent bracelet designed to showcase the majestic beauty of the finest sapphires, each hand-selected by Graff for its impeccable colour and saturation. Totalling 92.29 carats, encircling each sapphire is a halo of round and pear shape diamonds, creating a spectacular contrast of colour and brilliance.

Sapphire and diamond bracelet (Sapphires 52.21 cts, Diamonds 40.08 cts)