Emerald High Jewellery


Highly prized by emperors, maharajahs and queens, emeralds were first discovered over 4,000 years ago. Graff is renowned for the unsurpassable quality of its emeralds, having established a legacy for creating high jewellery featuring only the most beautiful emeralds on earth. Designed and crafted in our London workshop, our one-of-a-kind emerald jewels can be found in our boutiques worldwide.

Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring

Flawless Facets

The remarkably clear depths of this 21.07 carat emerald cut emerald cocktail ring are simply mesmerising. Its impressive proportions are complemented by trilliant cut diamond side stones, meticulously set to focus the eye upon the hypnotic central stone. Graff is renowned for sourcing the very finest coloured gemstones, expertly hand selected by a member of the Graff family to ensure each one meets our exacting standards.

21.07 carat emerald cut emerald and diamond ring (Diamonds 3.82 carats)

Emerald and Diamond Bracelet

Bewitching Beauty

The peerless beauty of this 22.84 carat cabochon Colombian emerald required a setting that would do justice to its exquisite rarity. Formed of 115 diamonds weighing over 70 carats, the sculptural bracelet is a celebration of the pear shape diamond, while simultaneously framing the vibrant, central stone. Graff’s designers and craftsmen have worked tirelessly to create an extraordinary bracelet featuring several layers of relief, adorning the wrist in a voluminous display of scintillation.

Colombian emerald and diamond bracelet (Emeralds 22.84 cts; Diamonds 70.23 cts) 

Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Flawless Fluidity

Two very special stones form the focal point of these earrings, which taper downwards from clusters of pear shape and marquise emeralds and diamonds, set at different angles. The elegantly elongated 14.01 carat and 12.72 carat pear shape Colombian emeralds exhibit the pure, intense green hue associated with the finest emeralds.

Emerald and diamond earrings (Emeralds 53.49 carats, Diamonds 10.14 carats)

“There is something wonderfully enigmatic about emeralds. The secrets that they hold within the depths of their rich colour - it’s truly magical.”

- Laurence Graff

Extraordinary Colour

Our gemmologists spend many months sourcing the very best gemstones for each new emerald high jewellery creation. Only those gemstones with a truly breathtaking depth of colour are selected – often Colombian emeralds, which are renowned for their ardent hue.

Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Sublime Colour

An unusual lozenge shaped emerald sits at the heart of this dramatic, vibrantly hued necklace, which showcases the unique beauty of different diamond cuts, creating a captivating contrast of colour and form.

Emerald and diamond necklace (Emeralds 40.68 carats, Diamonds 34.23 carats) 

An Unerring Eye

Serving to direct the eye to the central emerald or stone arrangement, the bespoke mount of each jewel is meticulously considered. Finding emeralds that are the perfect match requires an expert human eye in pursuit of perfection.

“There has to be a mystique to a jewel — something enthralling and beautiful about it to capture the imagination.”

- Laurence Graff