Unique Timepieces


Beguiling, secretive and transformative, every unique timepiece incorporates meticulous attention to detail and remarkable craftsmanship. A masterpiece for the wrist, each one perfectly expresses Graff’s artisanal expertise.

Making of a Masterpiece

Each of Graff’s masterpieces is crafted in our London atelier in Mayfair. From design concept to final polishing, many pieces will not leave the workshop until more than 100 hours have been devoted to their creation. Using traditional goldsmithing tools alongside state-of-the-art equipment, the world’s rarest diamonds are brought to life in unique creations, among them this astonishing diamond watch.

Oval Diamond Secret Watch

Secrets of Time

An horological masterpiece fusing Graff’s diamond setting ingenuity and exquisite high jewellery sensibilities. Featuring a sumptuous 65.76 carats of scintillating diamonds, artfully arranged into an opulent fan motif, this timepiece is the pinnacle of time-telling jewels. In order to create the complex volume and levels of relief within this timepiece, Graff’s master craftsmen spent hundreds of hours devising the perfect positioning of each scintillating stone, resulting in an impeccable symphony of the finest white diamonds.

Oval diamond secret watch (65.76 cts)

“We are inspired by the rarest and most precious diamonds in everything we do.”

- Laurence Graff

Yellow and White Diamond Watch

A Balance of Colour

A sensational time-telling jewel, this remarkable watch features a magnificent flash of vibrant Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds, with a delicate square dial at its heart. Showcasing more than 100 diamonds collectively weighing over 50 carats, this watch is an extraordinary example of the meeting of minds that takes place between our expert Swiss watchmakers and our master craftsmen.

Yellow and white diamond watch (54.36 cts)

Oval Diamond Watch

Precision Setting

This timepiece celebrates the feminine beauty of oval diamonds. The diamonds are set at slightly varying angles so that the watch constantly catches the light and reflects it, creating exceptional scintillation.

Oval Diamond Watch (24.49 cts)

Oval Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Watch

Yellow Splendour

Each diamond within this unique timepiece has been carefully considered and meticulously set by our master craftsmen to optimise the scintillation of each stone. Featuring over 32 carats of joyful and yellow diamonds, including the rarest of all – Fancy Vivid Yellow diamonds.

Oval Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond watch (32.36 cts) 

Oval Emerald and Diamond Secret Watch

Technology & Artistry

This magnificent emerald and diamond watch featuring a fan silhouette set with artfully arranged oval emeralds, comprises a remarkable 42.32 carats of vibrant emeralds and the finest white diamonds. Born from an intricate collaboration between Graff’s head of technology and GLW, to ensure that the mechanisms that reveal the dial were effortless and imperceptible, the stones move fluidly and elegantly to reveal a baguette-set diamond dial. Set with minimal visible metal, each stone has been meticulously selected and considered to ensure the deft movement of the piece and maximum scintillation.

Oval Emerald and diamond secret watch (Emeralds 42.32 cts, Diamonds 27.99 cts)