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White Diamonds

Boutique Exclusive
13.20 ct D Flawless emerald cut diamond, cut and polished from the Letseng Dynasty
Price On Application
5.45 ct D colour round diamond
NT$ 18,200,000.00 (Incl. taxes)
5.07 ct emerald cut diamond
NT$ 11,600,000.00 (Incl. taxes)
Boutique Exclusive
white gold
NT$ 14,800,000.00 (Incl. taxes)
3.88 ct D Flawless pear shape diamond
NT$ 9,100,000.00 (Incl. taxes)
Boutique Exclusive
platinum and white gold
NT$ 9,600,000.00 (Incl. taxes)
Boutique Exclusive
white gold
NT$ 19,800,000.00 (Incl. taxes)

Yellow Diamonds

11.04 ct Fancy Yellow radiant cut diamond
NT$ 18,600,000.00 (Incl. taxes)
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