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A Rainbow of Rarity


A kaleidoscope of colour is conjured by our rarest and most exceptional stones. As some of the most vivid coloured diamonds and gemstones on earth, they contain a potent magic – influencing our emotions and stimulating our senses.


Rose Romance

Pink embodies tender, dreamy enchantment, symbolising innocence and hope. Pink diamonds are some of the most rare jewels on earth, and our reputation for finding the most beautiful examples is unrivalled.


Intense Exoticism

Vivid blue recalls summer skies and tropical oceans, stretching for eternity upon the distant horizon. Blue diamonds are phenomenally rare gifts from Mother Nature, and we seek out those that display the most bewitching shades.


Sunburst Splendour

Yellow is confident and carefree, it speaks to us of optimism and the uplifting light of the sun. Our yellow diamonds embody this beautiful radiance, abundant with blazing fire and vivacious golden hues.


Hidden Depths

Sapphire blue evokes deep waters, bestowing a feeling of serenity and clarity, imbued with enduring spirituality. We select only the most vibrantly hued, fathomless sapphires that speak to us of their otherworldly mystique.


Verdant Beauty

Green is the colour of new life, peace and harmony. Our emerald jewels are the finest examples of opulent, lush green imaginable, hand selected by a member of the Graff family to ensure their extraordinary vivacity.


Scarlet Passion

Ruby red is the colour of passionate, all-consuming love, and is often seen as a talisman of good fortune. We search the earth for rubies displaying an exceptionally rare Pigeon’s Blood hue – the most powerful and seductive of all shades.
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