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Revealing the Infinity Diamond


The latest in a long line of significant heart shape stones that have been cut and polished by the House of Graff, the 157.80 carat Infinity Diamond is both a miracle of nature and the pinnacle of romance. A remarkable representation of the Graff family’s enduring love of diamonds, we invite you to discover the extraordinary journey of the Infinity Diamond, and the magnificent tiara that bears its name.

A model wearing the Graff Infinity Diamond tiara
The Graff Infinity Diamond

The Infinity Diamond

157.80 CARATS

Certified by the GIA as a top D colour and weighing 157.80 carats, the Infinity is one of the largest heart shape diamonds in the world.

“Here was a 373 carat diamond concealing untold treasures, and it was our responsibility to reveal them.”


An Epic Discovery


When a 373 carat rough diamond was uncovered at the state-of-the-art Karowe mine in Botswana, its impressive size immediately captured the attention of Laurence Graff OBE. At the time of its discovery, it was the 14th largest gem-quality diamond found this century. This astonishing find was made even more incredible when, shortly afterwards, the historic 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona diamond was unearthed at the same mine.

The Lesedi La Rona and The Infinity Diamond side by side

A Twist in the Tale


Placed side by side with the Lesedi La Rona, the contours of the 373 carat diamond matched those of the 1,109 carat stone exactly, supporting the theory that they once formed part of an even larger diamond. To ensure their fates would forever be entwined, Laurence Graff acquired both the 373 carat diamond and the record-breaking Lesedi La Rona.

Graff Infinity Diamond mapped in rough diamond

Analysing the Rough


Certain that concealed within the 373 carat stone’s frosty exterior was a diamond destined to enter the history books, Mr Graff gathered his team of expert gemmologists to scrutinise every inch of the rough stone, mapping its precise structure and identifying the tiniest of flaws. Their analysis revealed that hidden inside was a heart shape diamond, the magnitude of which had never been seen before.

The polishing process of The Infinity Diamond

Polishing the Heart Shape


A master cutter with more than 40 years’ experience was tasked with transforming the 373 carat rough stone. One of the most difficult diamond cuts to master, he finessed the heart shape until it was completely symmetrical, with an impeccably sharp point, flawless facets and an aesthetically beautiful cleft, which took six weeks alone to refine.

The Infinity Diamond


An exquisite marriage of brilliance and beauty, the diamond was certified by the GIA as a top D colour and weighing a staggering 157.80 carats, making it one of the largest heart shape diamonds the world had ever seen. In honour of the Graff family’s infinite love of diamonds, it was named the Infinity.

Designing a Masterpiece


Our Design Director Anne-Eva Geffroy was tasked with envisaging a jewel befitting of the Infinity’s unparalleled splendour. Inspired by the opulent curves of this peerless stone, it was a jewel of astounding rarity and sublime femininity - a tiara like no other, crowned with the Infinity Diamond.
The Infinity Tiara

The Infinity Tiara


Accompanied by 18 heart shape diamonds, suspended within the looping swirls, the tiara’s fluid, sculptural lines perfectly enhance the brilliance emanating from deep within the Infinity Diamond. A triumph of diamond mastery, design and craftsmanship, the Infinity Tiara was ready for its grand unveiling at the opening of our new flagship store in Tokyo.

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