Ruby High Jewellery

Burning Passion

For many thousands of years, rubies have been celebrated as symbols of romance and passion. Graff’s gemmologists, designers and master craftsmen work diligently with only the finest rubies in order to create high jewellery creations that are the heirlooms of tomorrow. We invite you to discover our extraordinary ruby jewels in our boutiques worldwide.

Ruby and Diamond Ring

Intense Colour

Our expert artisans are masters of contrast, finding the most brilliant white diamonds to emphasise the extraordinary vivacity of our rubies. This profoundly beautiful combination - rich red vibrancy and the purest, brightest white fire - is magnificently showcased in this 11 carat certified cushion cut Pigeon's Blood ruby and white diamond ring.

11.20 carat cushion cut Pigeon's Blood ruby and diamond ring (Diamonds 3.84 carats)

Ruby and Diamond Necklace

The Art of Seduction

The collection of rubies in this high jewellery necklace are indicative of the Graff family’s desire to seek out the world’s most remarkable gemstones. Increasingly elusive natural marvels, rubies of this calibre are rarely seen, even in the world of high jewellery.

Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Ardent Beauty

Hand selected by a member of the Graff family, our rubies must pass a rigorous selection process before they are deemed worthy of the Graff name. Dramatically showcased among layers of round and custom-cut diamonds, these certified heart shape rubies, weighing 7.50 carats combined, display the rarefied shade of red referred to as Pigeon’s Blood.

“The way a ruby connects with you when you hold it in your hand is deeply personal.” 

- Laurence Graff

A Melody of Colour

Displaying a fabulous, uniform richness of colour - a vivid, beautifully saturated red - this exquisite suite of jewels draws its power from an outstanding collection of perfectly matched rubies. 

Daring Design

Combining some of the most remarkable treasures from our vault with an audacious design sensibility, more than 39 carats of Pigeon’s Blood rubies are showcased among sculptural arrangements of custom-cut diamonds. The boldest among them are reserved for the central motif, which glows with a burning intensity upon the décolletage.

Flawless Craftsmanship

Fusing modernity with pioneering craftsmanship, the opposing rounded and angular shapes of the central motif celebrate the spirit of innovation at Graff. Sculpted to display exquisite depth, the contemporary semilune silhouette features angled calibré cut stones combined with round diamonds, set at opposing angles, overlaid with a magnificent 6.50 carat oval Pigeon’s Blood ruby. 

“I’ve never lost my sense of wonder that these extraordinary stones came from under the ground, waiting for us to find them.” 

- Laurence Graff