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Le Grand Bal


Be transported to a masquerade ball where diamonds and gemstones shine brightly in spectacular jewels that are certain to be the centre of attention.

Diamond earrings featuring Fancy Yellow cushion cut diamonds weighing over 11.50 carats each (41.03cts); Yellow and white diamond necklace (96.96cts); 40.32 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond ring; 23.20 carat D Internally Flawless marquise diamond ring
A model wearing Graff Peony collection sapphire emerald and Diamond earrings bracelet and necklace
Sapphire, emerald and diamond Peony earrings (Sapphires 8.75cts, Emeralds 4.39cts, Diamonds 8.02cts), necklace (Sapphires 19.39cts, Emeralds 9.10cts, Diamonds 28.47cts) and bracelet (Sapphires 11.51cts, Emeralds 6.55cts, Diamonds 15.09cts)
A model wearing Graff yellow and white diamond high jewellery necklace ring and bracelet
Yellow and white diamond earrings (35.84cts); Yellow and white diamond necklace (98.89cts); 33.81 carat Fancy Yellow cushion cut diamond ring; Radiant cut yellow diamond bracelet (44.74cts)
A model wearing Graff Bow collection Diamond brooch and earrings
Diamond Bow brooch (11.58cts); Diamond Bow earrings (6.15cts)
A model wearing Graff ruby and white diamond high jewellery earrings and ring
4.05 carat cushion cut ruby Swirl ring (Rubies 5.60cts, Diamonds 4.50cts); Ruby and diamond earrings (Rubies 12.19cts, Diamonds 7.91cts)
A model wearing Graff emerald and diamond earrings
Emerald and diamond earrings featuring 14.01 carat and 12.72 carat pear shape Colombian emerald drops (Emeralds 53.49cts, Diamonds 10.14cts)
A model wearing Graff High Jewellery Diamond earrings ring and bracelet
Diamond earrings (92.72cts); 35.05 carat D Flawless emerald cut diamond ring; Diamond bracelet featuring a 33.40 carat D colour emerald cut diamond (79.07cts)
A model wearing Graff High Jewellery Diamond earrings, bracelet and necklace
Diamond earrings each featuring a 10.09 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond drop (50.33cts); Diamond necklace (47.15cts); Diamond bracelet (51.67cts); 10.23 carat D Flawless pear shape diamond ring
A model wearing Graff high jewellery sapphire ring and diamond ring
36.22 carat D Flawless oval diamond ring; 27.63 carat cabochon Burmese sapphire ring (Diamonds 14.07cts); Earrings featuring 11.13 carat and 10.98 carat cushion cut Burmese sapphires (Diamonds 8.81cts)
A model wearing Graff Abstract collection Diamond earrings ring bracelet and necklace
Diamond Abstract ring (6.14cts), earrings (10.85cts), bracelet (14.92cts) and necklace (69.65cts)
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