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Graff Unveils new Icon Engagement Ring Setting


Named after the famous Icon diamond – a 90.97 carat D Flawless round brilliant diamond that was cut and polished by Graff in 2000 – a new engagement ring setting has been added to our enchanting bridal collection that celebrates the incomparable beauty of one of Mother’s Nature’s most precious gifts.

The Icon setting has been designed around a round or cushion cut centre stone – both of which are renowned for their remarkable fire and brilliance – with four polished prongs elevating the centre stone away from the finger, allowing more light to flood through it from below.

Distinguished by a gleaming halo of pavé stones, it offers a scintillating silhouette from every angle.

The pavé diamond frame not only enhances the captivating play of light that emanates from deep within the stone but also amplifies its radiant beauty by giving the impression of a larger stone. With no metal visible between the pavé stones, the pavé diamond detailing extends to the gallery beneath the stone and around the band.
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