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This is Graff


For over half a century our House has represented the rarest gemstones. Generations of the Graff family have employed their expertise and experience, personally selecting every stone and – uniquely among diamond houses – presiding over every step of its journey. No stage is bypassed. No shortcuts are taken. Only perfection matters.

Close up of famous diamonds in the hands of Mr Laurence Graff OBE


A search for hidden wonder

Discovering the most brilliant gem-quality diamonds demands an expedition deep into the earth, the most challenging treasure hunt imaginable. Day after day, our gemologists strive to uncover gemstones that equal or surpass the finest diamonds ever unearthed. Often many millions of years old.

An interpreter of secrets

In the rough, a diamond has yet to reveal its secrets: it might become a cascade of small gems or a single, perfectly cut stone. Our gemologists can spend months exploring the possibilities. When they have determined the optimal cut – however ambitious it may be – the diamond’s fate is set.

“The House of Graff stands for the finest, the rarest and only the very best stones.”

The Graff Venus diamond upon the diamond cutting wheel

Cutting & Polishing

An obsession with perfection

The task of our cutters and polishers requires astonishing dexterity, precision and patience. It is due to their skill and vision that Graff can unlock the hidden radiance of the world’s most magnificent gems. With limitless passion and the steadiest of hands, they bring each stone to life, unlocking its exceptional beauty, time after time.

A vision of timeless beauty

Having the world’s most fabulous gems at our disposal gives our design atelier a unique opportunity to create extraordinary jewellery. Beyond the whims of fashion, our designs are known for their deceptive simplicity, their perfect balance and proportion, and their sensuous, feminine power.

A heritage of craft

The process of becoming a Graff master craftsman is akin to being entrusted with a book of secrets, gaining access to skills and techniques that simply could not be learned elsewhere. In our London workshop, traditions dating back centuries meet cutting-edge innovations, and creative dreams become reality.

Unique Jewels

A creator of legacies

At Graff, we create extraordinary stones with remarkable stories to tell. We are proud to have played a key part in the journey of many of the world’s most important diamonds, and know that the stones we cut today are destined to be the legendary jewels of tomorrow.

“The Graff way means no shortcuts, no inferior bypassing. Perfection is the goal, and it's achieved every time.”



An experience to remember

Step inside a Graff boutique and discover a magnificent display of natural wonders. From necklaces cascading with fiery scintillation, to rings glowing with rare mystique, we guide you to the perfect jewel to tell your story – the ultimate expression of you.
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