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It’s Raining Graff


Gleaming raindrops accentuate the glamour of the finest diamonds and gemstones.

5.42 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond Threads ring (7.98cts); Yellow and white diamond Threads necklace (73.70cts) and earrings (21.31cts)
Sapphire and diamond Abstract earrings (Sapphires 47.39cts, Diamonds 52.24cts)
32.22 carat cushion cut Burmese sapphire ring (Diamonds 6.99cts)
Sapphire and diamond earrings featuring oval Burmese sapphires weighing over 5 carats each (Diamonds 4.09cts); Sapphire and diamond Threads necklace (Sapphires 43.37cts; Diamonds 21.96cts)
Diamond earrings featuring 20.47 carat and 20.43 carat D Flawless emerald cut diamonds, cut and polished from the 476 carat Meya Prosperity diamond (53.20cts); 16.32 carat D Flawless round diamond ring
Ruby and diamond Spiral hoop earrings (Rubies 18.26cts; Diamonds 8.96cts)
Sapphire and diamond Inspired by Twombly earrings featuring oval sapphires weighing over 13.50 carats each (Diamonds 7.37cts)
Sapphire and diamond Inspired by Twombly necklace featuring a 32.22 carat cushion cut Burmese sapphire drop (Diamonds 24.75cts)
Diamond Solar earrings (10.95cts) and necklace (45.94cts)
Diamond Threads earrings (14.58cts) and necklace (36.44cts)
3.01 carat D colour emerald cut diamond Threads ring
Diamond Inspired by Twombly ring (6.28cts), earrings (10.79ts) and necklace (23.37 ts)
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