Celebrating the Emerald Cut

Perfect Symmetry

Offering a more subtle scintillation than brilliant cut stones, the enigmatic allure of emerald cut diamonds makes them endlessly fascinating. The epitome of elegance, the strikingly angular facets create a mirror-like surface that magnifies the stone’s personality and maximises its beauty.

A Cut Above

As the name suggests, the emerald cut was initially designed to protect delicate emeralds from chipping. Diamond cutters quickly realised its importance, however, and applied its stylishly streamlined proportions to the most beautiful gems on earth.

Polished Perfection

The flat surface of an emerald cut diamond highlights the superlative skills of our diamond polishers, who create a pool of clarity, colour and light that draws the eye in and fascinates with its sleek lines.

Mirror Image

The symmetrical facets of the emerald cut create a hypnotic hall-of-mirrors effect within the diamond. Only stones of the finest quality exhibit this unique visual phenomena.

Flawless Finish

The Graff Eternal Twins are exceptional in every way. Cut by Graff from the same 269 carat rough diamond, this identical pair of 50.23 carat D Flawless emerald cut diamonds offer unrivalled clarity and colour.