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The Making Of


Graff is the only jewellery house in the world to have access to such a wide range of the most sought-after yellow diamonds, and the boldness to place an entire, perfectly matched collection in a single, extraordinary jewel.

Drawing and painting of Graff yellow and white high jewellery necklace

New Dawn

The proposed design featured a flowing stream of pear shape yellow diamonds - more than 71 carats in total - invisibly joined to a cascade of pear shape white diamonds so that they gently overlap, bringing an element of dimension to these studied lines of light.

Architects Of Beauty

Since yellow diamonds are unique in the way they are cut, with no two the same, the 43 pear shape stones were individually scanned to calculate their exact position within the design. To ensure that all the yellow diamonds sat at exactly the same depth, a bespoke collet was created for each in 18 carat yellow gold.
Images of Graff craftsman making high jewellery yellow and diamond necklace

Spirit of Ingenuity

Each of the white diamonds was positioned just a fraction of a degree differently to its yellow diamond partner to create the soft, scalloped silhouette that culminates at the décolletage, where a detachable 22 carat pear shape yellow diamond drop appears to blossom with a halo of white diamonds.
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