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A Guide to Diamond Shapes


The shape of a diamond defines its radiant personality, with each carefully considered facet crafted by hand to reveal its innate beauty. Each cut is imbued with its own inimitable character and charm. At Graff we are delighted to help you select the silhouette that best captures your imagination and creates a uniquely scintillating statement on the finger.

Close up of a models hand wearing a Graff round diamond engagement ring

Round Brilliant

With 57 or 58 individually handcrafted facets that refract light from every angle, the eternally elegant round brilliant cut is designed for maximum scintillation. A sensational centrepiece in a single stone ring, each of our perfectly proportioned round brilliant cut diamonds offers the highest levels of fire and brilliance.
Close up of a models hand wearing a Graff heart shape diamond engagement ring

Emerald Cut

Rectangular or square, with bevelled corners, the emerald cut is an exquisitely elegant diamond shape. While the mirror-like surface at the top of the stone accentuates its sleekly symmetrical proportions and long, clear facets, it also exposes even the tiniest of flaws. A stone of superlative quality is required to best showcase this strikingly beautiful cut.
Close up of a models hand wearing a Graff heart shape diamond engagement ring

Heart Shape

The most romantic of all the diamond cuts and an iconic, deeply personal expression of love, it requires incredible expertise and complete precision to create the gently rounded curves of a heart shape diamond, which is identical in length across its widest point and from cleft to tip. A total of 59 facets radiate light outwards and provide sensational scintillation.
A models hand wearing a Graff pear shape diamond engagement ring

Pear Shape

Uniquely feminine and graceful, a pear shape diamond offers spectacular brilliance and fire. A timeless, highly sophisticated choice, the tapered silhouette is reminiscent of a teardrop and especially flattering for those with smaller hands as its asymmetric proportions elongate the finger.
A models hand wearing a Graff oval shape diamond engagement ring


A variation of the round brilliant cut, an oval diamond perfectly balances enchanting scintillation and contemporary classicism. A relatively recent addition to the diamond cutter’s repertoire and especially flattering for those with petite hands, its elongated beauty is emphasised when accompanied by side stones.

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