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Lights, Camera, Action


Yellow and white diamond bracelet (59.45cts). 14.39 carat Fancy Intense Yellow radiant cut diamond ring (15.50cts) Diamond earrings featuring two 10.02 carat Fancy Yellow radiant cut diamonds (22.94cts). Yellow and white diamond necklace (116.23cts). 22.41 carat Fancy Intense Yellow oval diamond ring (24.42cts) Dress by Suzanne Neville.
6.01 carat Vivid Red oval Mozambique ruby and diamond ring (Diamonds 2.07cts). Ruby and diamond earrings (Rubies 38.45cts, Diamonds 13.32cts). Ruby and diamond necklace featuring a 17.09 carat Pigeon’s Blood oval Mozambique ruby (Rubies 102.59cts, Diamonds 36.19cts). Emerald cut ruby and diamond bracelet (Rubies 26.80cts, Diamonds 21.29cts). Dress by Adrianna Papell.
30.88 carat D Flawless round diamond ring (39.04cts).Multi-shape diamond necklace (74.86cts).Dress by Bruce Oldfield Couture.

“There are moments of drama in every life. Scenes that just cry out to be stolen. And times to claim the spotlight for ourselves…”

Yellow and white diamond necklace featuring a 32.11 carat Fancy Yellow radiant cut diamond (101.85cts) Yellow and white diamond Swirl ring featuring a 5.48 Fancy Vivid Yellow cushion cut diamond (12.68cts) Yellow and white diamond bracelet featuring a 31.21 carat Fancy Intense Yellow oval diamond (102.29cts). Dress by Caroline Castigliano.
Beaded ruby and diamond earrings (Rubies 36.93cts, Diamonds 4.06cts) Beaded ruby and diamond necklace (Rubies 354.19cts, Diamonds 28.48cts). 5.42 carat cushion cut ruby and diamond ring (Diamonds 1.22cts) 23.43 carat D Flawless round diamond ring (24.32cts) Dress by Suzanne Neville
Diamond earrings featuring a 20.54 carat and a 20.46 carat D Internally Flawless pear shape diamond drop (63.69cts) Diamond necklace (84.34cts).

“The secret is in knowing when to wait quietly in the wings. And in knowing when it’s your cue to claim centre stage…”

Diamond earrings featuring a 6.25 carat and a 6.10 carat Royal Blue cushion cut Sri Lankan sapphires (Sapphires 12.35cts, Diamonds 1.88cts). Sapphire, emerald and diamond necklace (Sapphires 47.57cts, Diamonds 35.12cts, Emeralds 28.50cts) Emerald cut sapphire and diamond bracelet (Sapphires 35.54cts, Diamonds 16.83cts). Sapphire, emerald and diamond ring (Sapphires 3.96cts, Emeralds 1.16cts, Diamonds 0.74cts). Dress by Goat.
Beaded emerald and diamond tassel earrings (Emeralds 95.10cts, Diamonds 44.15cts). 16.88 carat sugarloaf cabochon Colombian emerald ring (Diamonds 12.15cts). Beaded emerald and diamond tassel necklace (Diamonds 164.51cts, Emeralds 156.53cts). Dress by Tibi.
Diamond earrings (30.75cts). Diamond necklace (104.15cts). 23.43 carat D Flawless round diamond ring (24.32cts). Dress by Kate Halfpenny. Gloves by Cornelia James.
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