Yellow Diamond High Jewellery


With a legacy of cutting and polishing many of the world’s most important and rare yellow jewels, Graff is renowned for its yellow diamonds. Our yellow diamond High Jewellery can be discovered at all of our boutiques, bringing a scintillating symbol of happiness to each corner of the globe.

Let the Light In

Enchanting Colour

Magnificent streams of pear shape yellow diamonds are invisibly joined with exquisite expertise to cascades of white diamonds to move together, in complete harmony. 


Perfect Equilibrium

The rhythmic flow of the high jewellery necklace culminates in a detachable 22 carat pear shape yellow diamond drop that blossoms with a halo of white diamonds. 

“We are the proud custodian of the world’s most celebrated yellow diamonds.”

- Laurence Graff


Ray of Light

Selected for their rich intensity and gleaming brilliance, the unparalleled beauty of Graff’s yellow diamonds finds the perfect expression in high jewellery creations that combine superb stones with audacious design and unparalleled craftsmanship. 

Yellow and White Diamond Bracelet

Timeless Treasures

A celebration of the sleek and angular beauty of the emerald cut, each of the yellow and white stones in our emerald cut diamond bracelet has been expertly matched for size and proportions. Exhibiting perfectly matched colour in sublime succession, this exquisite collection of stones, which totals more than 83 carats, is set to form a harmonious row that tapers genty as it encircles the wrist.

Yellow and white diamond bracelet (83.29 carats)

Vibrant Intensity

Laurence Graff has been enchanted by yellow diamonds since the founding years of Graff. His passion was ignited with the Star of Bombay in 1974, and the Graff name has since become synonymous with the world’s finest yellow diamonds. An impressive roster of important and famous yellow jewels has passed through the House, and we continue to create remarkable jewels that honour and revere these natural wonders.

“There is an extreme beauty to a diamond. It gives you incredible pleasure and speaks to you with its life.”

- Laurence Graff

The Wonder of Yellow Diamonds

Discover three of the finest yellow diamonds that have passed through the House of Graff, each of which has earned a special place in diamond history.


The Golden Empress

The inimitable honeyed hue of the Golden Empress, acquired in 2015, was harnessed from a 299 carat rough crystal that was unearthed in the Kingdom of Lesotho and which also produced a further eight beautiful satellite stones. This Fancy Intense Yellow cushion cut diamond displays a striking, unforgettable colour and weighs 132.55 carats.


The Delaire Sunrise

Cut from an exceedingly rare octahedron shaped 221.81 carat rough diamond mined in South Africa, this 118.08 carat gem was certified by the GIA to be the largest Fancy Vivid Yellow square emerald cut diamond in the world.


The Star of Bombay

Acquired in 1974, the 47.39 carat Star of Bombay was the first of a great many famous diamonds to pass through the House of Graff. Since the time of the Moghul Emperors, the Golconda mines in the Kingdom of Golconda (now part of the Indian state of Hyderabad) have produced some of the most historic and beautiful diamonds. Laurence Graff has owned many of these unique stones. He bought this diamond from a European dealer, who sold it for the benefit of a noble Indian family. ‘It was emerald cut and it had probably been set in a Maharajah’s regalia,’ according to Graff.