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Artful Composition


Combining the world’s rarest diamonds and gemstones with visionary design allows Graff’s master craftsmen to create extraordinarily unique jewels.

The spontaneous calligraphic paint strokes of the American artist Cy Twombly are translated into free-flowing diamond ribbons in the new jewellery collection, Inspired by Twombly.

Inspired by Twombly: diamond earrings each featuring a 4.02 carat pear shape diamond drop (16.52cts); 5.47 carat pear shape diamond ring (9.00cts); diamond ring (8.13cts); diamond bracelet (3.63cts)
A secret timepiece of unparalleled beauty, the miniature dial is nestled within a heart-stopping array of diamonds in every colour of the spectrum, comprising almost 90 carats of multi-coloured diamonds.

Multi coloured diamond secret watch (89.83cts)
These dramatic, intensely precious arrangements of 63.38 carats of rare coloured diamonds expertly display a multitude of cuts and myriad hues.

Multi coloured diamond earrings (63.38cts)
Emphasising the sleek architectural beauty of the emerald cut, a rare 17.22 carat Burmese sapphire displays a breathtaking shade of blue.

17.22 carat emerald cut Burmese sapphire necklace (Diamonds 28.90cts)

“There has to be a mystique to a jewel – something enthralling and beautiful to capture the imagination”


An elegant new ring setting swirls around the finger, embracing rare centre stones with a delicate yet sculptural pavé diamond band.

11.88 carat marquise diamond ring; 15.20 carat Flawless oval diamond ring
Sensuous curves set with bright waves of diamonds focus the attention on these vibrant ruby earrings and a rich spinel ring, giving a thrilling sense of three-dimensionality.

Ruby and diamond earrings featuring 4.31 carat and 3.75 carat cushion cut Burmese rubies (Diamonds 3.22cts); 6.80 carat emerald cut spinel ring (Spinels 15.54cts, Diamonds 7.62cts)
Daringly original designs accentuate the unique beauty of singular diamonds and gemstones.

5.02 carat oval ruby ring (Diamonds 9.33cts); 4.66 carat D Flawless emerald cut diamond ring (Diamonds 9.08cts, Rubies 2.23cts)

Rare cabochon gemstones are elevated to exciting heights by towering compositions of custom cut diamonds, expertly devised by Graff’s designers and master craftsmen.

14.23 carat sugarloaf cabochon Colombian emerald ring (Diamonds 4.12cts); 15.88 carat sugarloaf cabochon Burmese sapphire ring (Diamonds 6.47cts)
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