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The Tilda’s Bow Collection

With an unwavering passion and dedication to perfection that continues down the generations, the Tilda’s Bow collection pays homage to the exemplary founding principles of the House of Graff.

Model wearing a selection of Graff Tilda's Bow jewellery pieces

Tied to Perfection

The silhouette of a bow is a motif imbued with nostalgia; feminine and delicate, it has been featured in Graff’s high jewellery designs for over half a century. Reimagined for a modern era, diamonds are spun into voluminous bows, capturing Tilda’s irrepressible energy and personality.

Image of Graff Tilda's Bow Ring and Necklace on white background with black ribbon

Opulent Craft

The loops and curves of each bow are brought to life in pavé diamonds, forming a shimmering surface of stones, set by Graff’s master artisans to dance with fire and brilliance.

Model wearing Graff Tilda's Bow jewellery pieces

Eternal Love

Each jewellery creation within the collection has been created to be loved, worn and treasured — precious keepsakes for eternity, whether chosen, received or bestowed.

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Model wearing Graff White Diamond engagement ring and Laurence Graff Signature Bridal Jewellery

Bridal and Engagement

Every Graff engagement ring is an exceptional treasure, diligently designed and crafted to showcase the unique personality and passionate fire of the stone at their heart. 

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