Graff Butterfly

For over half a century, Graff has been dedicated to discovering and transforming nature’s rarest diamonds into exceptional jewels. The Butterfly collection exemplifies this mastery of metamorphosis and devotion to perfection, with each piece crafted using the same meticulous precision and flawless attention to detail as the magnificent and celebrated stones that have made diamond history.


Meticulously Crafted

Perfectly symbolising freedom and transformation, the delicate form of a butterfly has featured prominently throughout Graff’s history. An enduring source of inspiration for the design atelier, the Butterfly collection is the latest to feature the iconic motif – which has become synonymous with the House.


An Iconic Silhouette

Meticulously crafted to mesmerise, we recreate the delicate silhouette of a butterfly in sculptural arrangements of diamonds designed to enchant and enthral.


Shimmering Beauty

Drawn from the House’s iconic motif, wings are subtly angled to bring each jewel to life, showcasing the intricacy of craftsmanship for which Graff is renowned.

The House of Graff

Emerald High Jewellery

Graff is renowned for the unsurpassable quality of its emeralds, having established a legacy for creating high jewellery featuring only the most beautiful emeralds on earth.


Graff Collections

Showcasing a myriad of motifs and styles, discover captivating and contemporary collections that capture the brilliance of Graff's signature gemstone.