Structural Tourbillon Skeleton 46mm

Our exceptional tourbillon-driven movement can be clearly observed as it meticulously whirrs away, housed within the lightweight, architectural watch case of the Structural Tourbillon Skeleton.

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The transparent case of the MasterGraff Structural Tourbillon watch by Graff

A Revealing Design

The open-work case and bezel are crafted from excavated and carved titanium, before being polished and cut. The resulting case is a purist example of Graff’s signature faceted case, inspired by a brilliant cut diamond.

The Roman numerial hour markers on the MasterGraff Structural Skeleton watch by Graff

Refined Numerals

Elegant roman numerals have been carved into the inner ring of the dial, to enhance the visibility of the striking movement.

A Graff Men's Structural Tourbillon Skeleton 46mm titanium DLC and white gold watch with a feather

Weightless Technology

The frame of the manual version of the Structural Tourbillon Skeleton is not only architecturally alluring, its slender dimensions and svelte lines also result in a timepiece that is remarkably lightweight for a titanium watch – just 46 grams.

The skeletonised dial of the MasterGraff Structural Skeleton Tourbillon watch by Graff

Skeletonised Movement

The movement is entirely visible thanks to sapphire glass bridges, open-work hands and a small offset rotor for the automatic variation that allows the inner workings of the watch to be seen from all angles, without any loss of functionality.

The automatic and hand-wound MasterGraff Structural Skeleton watches by Graff

Hand wound or Automatic

Choose between manual and automatic models, both able to function for 72 hours even if they remain unworn.

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