GyroGraff 48mm Watches

The GyroGraff is a pioneering timepiece that hosts a watchmaking first: a hand-carved three-dimensional golden moonphase working in harmony with two further complications. Offered with métiers d’art dials and new for 2018 – three drive dials – the GyroGraff marries exceptional horological engineering with artistic excellence.

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A Trinity of Complications

Housing three complications, the GyroGraff is the first timepiece to comprise both a three-dimensional moonphase indicator and a double-axis tourbillon, allowing the watch to remain exceptionally precise in its timekeeping.


A Hand-carved Moonphase

The three-dimensional white gold moonphase is hand carved with a true to life map of lunar craters created by an expert artist, its spherical cover nimbly rotating to reflect the lunar calendar across 29.5 days.


Diamond Time

Available with a captivating diamond set bezel totalling 7.73 carats, all expertly cut and hand set by our master gem-setters, or with an entirely baguette diamond set dial comprising 151 stones.

Close up of A GyroGraff Drive Inspired watch Dial 3

Ex-centred hands

Maximum visibility of the beautiful dial during rotation is enhanced by the use of skeletonised hands, also set off centre to avoid interruption of the complications.

A Graff Men's GyroGraff Skyline Hong Kong watch with a Hong Kong night view background

Métiers d’Art

Few artists are capable of producing such fastidiously hand-crafted dials, which are embellished using ancient techniques of Grand Feu enamelling and intricate micro-painting. Using a technique that requires immense skill, a cityscape relief is captured upon the GyroGraff Skyline dial. The scene is captured in such intricate, almost photographic detail.

A master craftsman hand painting a GyroGraff World dial

Intricate Maps

GyroGraff World watches feature remarkably intricate enamelled dials that depict the continents of the earth as viewed from the depths of outer space. Each white gold dial is laser-carved to accurately sculpt the sweeping geographical features of its continent, before being hand-engraved.

A Graff Men's GyroGraff Universe watch with galaxy background

Hand-painted Galaxies

Offered with a galaxy dial that bestows a unique star system upon the wrist. Each galaxy takes 50 hours for the Graff artist to hand-paint on blue aventurine, using a single strand of hair.

A Sapphire Crystal Case Back of GyroGraff watches

A Sapphire Crystal Case Back

Every part of the GyroGraff demonstrates meticulous attention to detail, including an intricate case back, embellished with engraved mother of pearl or geometric patterns, and protected by a faceted sapphire crystal case back.

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