Unique Timepieces


Beguiling, secretive and transformative, every unique timepiece incorporates meticulous attention to detail and remarkable craftsmanship. A masterpiece for the wrist, each one perfectly expresses Graff’s artisanal expertise.

A Graff unique timepiece set with multi-coloured diamonds

Secrets of Time

Many of our timepieces feature ingenious, discreetly concealed dials. This allows each one to be worn as a watch or simply as a beautiful jewel in its own right.

A Graff Diamond Inspired by Twombly watch

Diamond Inspired by Twombly Watch

23.43 CTS

a gouche drawing of a unique ruby graff timepiece

Gouache Drawing

Every unique timepiece begins its journey as a hand-drawn sketch, a vision realised on paper. This is followed by a gouache painting, a time-honoured tradition that turns a design into a work of art. Typically, four or five gouache designs are presented to Laurence Graff, so that he may determine which one will be brought to life.

Carved Emerald Watch

Diamonds 23.38cts, Emeralds 24.37cts

A Graff emerald and diamond high jewellery secret watch

Historic Gems

A limited number of our watches feature historic, engraved gemstones, which by their very nature render such pieces entirely unique. These jewels are precious gifts from mother nature that have been intricately crafted by our master artisans and cannot be replicated.

Technology & Artistry

Once a design is selected, Graff’s artisans breathe life into each timepiece over a period of many months. They have the latest technology at their disposal, but it is their experienced hands and intuitive eye on which they rely to ensure that each watch is perfectly crafted.

“We are inspired by the rarest and most precious in everything we create.”

Francois Graff

Serpentine Watch

Diamonds 39.94 carats


A Balance of Colour

Mastering the correct balance of colour between white diamonds and coloured gemstones is crucially important to our craftsmen, who understand that diamonds can bring the intense hue of a gemstone to life. Our gemologists spend many months carefully sourcing stones that will complement each other within each unique timepiece.

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