Graff Floral Automatic Diamond Watches

Intelligent Beauty

Haute horology is combined with artisanal savoir-faire to create a feminine timepiece featuring a whirling sequence of exquisite floral blooms.

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Exquisite Artistry

This romantic and feminine flower design combines all of the world’s most complex métiers d’art techniques: enamel painting, micro-painting and extraordinarily intricate diamond setting.

Graff Floral Ladies Watches_Pink, Blue & Purple versions on a dark purple floral background

Colourful Expression

Available in four distinct colourways, pink, blue, purple and white; each of these floral timepieces displays a distinct persona – ranging from the calm, serene tones of the blue dial, to the fiery, passionate hues upon the pink dial – reflecting the myriad personalities of our female clientele.

Unique Luxury

Created using an ancient and extremely challenging technique, the colours of the elegant flowers upon every watch are entirely unique to each dial, and require up to fifty hours to complete.

Exceptional Details

Each element has been carefully considered by our master watchmakers, including the delicate hour and minute hands, meticulously shaped into petal silhouettes.

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