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Each Graff engagement ring is meticulously crafted to highlight a diamond's distinct personality. Discover more.
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A Rarefied World


Imagine dedicating your life to discovering the world’s most remarkable diamonds and gemstones, a treasure hunt that takes you to all corners of the globe, in search of these elusive wonders. This quest has consumed the Graff family ever since the House was founded almost 60 years ago, and continues to do so today. Step inside our vaults for a glimpse at these often hidden, rarely seen natural marvels.

Exquisite Femininity

Pink diamonds displaying a vivid hue and breathtaking intensity of colour, like this remarkable fancy vivid pink stone, are considered the finest of them all.

Pure Perfection

Renowned for their unrivalled scintillation, our show-stopping 11 carat D Flawless round diamond blazes with brilliant fire.

Vivid Beauty

A vivid orange diamond displaying extraordinary vivacity, the alluring colour of this beguiling stone is accentuated by its striking elliptical silhouette.

Rich Colour

Glowing a rich, intense shade of green, our 4 carat Colombian emerald displays mesmerising saturation.

Spellbinding Seduction

The Pigeon’s Blood red of this rare and exquisite 4 carat Burmese ruby makes it a true chromatic wonder.

Majestic Heritage

With its rich, vivid, intensely saturated hue, this sublime 14 carat emerald cut sapphire belongs to the elite group of sapphires certified as Royal Blue.
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