Ruby High Jewelry


A timeless testament of love and romance, rubies have been celebrated and honoured throughout the centuries. Our gemmologists, designers and master artisans work diligently to craft jewelry pieces destined to become the heirloom jewels of the future. Discover our collection of rubies – a lesson in the art of seduction. 

Audacious Design

Combining treasures from a superior collection of gems with contemporary design, this high jewelry necklace showcases vivid rubies set alongside sculptural arrangements of custom-cut diamonds – the boldest reserved for the central motif, which glimmers with vibrant intensity. 

Graphic Brilliance

Our expert artisans are masters of contrast, finding only the most exceptional white diamonds to emphasise the extraordinary vivacity of our rubies. 

Dynamic Contrast

Displaying peerless colour – a vivid, saturated red – a ruby and diamond high jewelry suite showcases an incredible collection of perfectly matched rubies, beautifully sculpted to reveal exquisite depth. 

“The way a ruby connects with you when you hold it in your hand is deeply personal.” 

- Laurence Graff

Seductive Color 

Increasingly elusive rubies of this calibre are rarely seen, even in the world of high jewelry –indicative of the Graff family’s desire to seek out the world’s most remarkable gemstones.

Rich Treasure

Bespoke settings crafted by master artisans allow the stones to take centre stage, reverential surrounds that celebrate and honour their magnificence. 

Exemplary Vibrancy

Displaying a fabulous richness of color, this unique solitaire ring is imbued with an enigmatic power drawn from a single ruby.  

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