In Vivid Detail


Captivating close-ups illuminate the striking scintillation, bold colour and rare gems that are a signature of every Graff jewel.

Yellow Splendour

Yellow and white diamond Threads necklace (44 cts) and earrings (9cts)

Timeless Treasures

Emerald cut diamond earrings (25cts), 25 carat D Internally Flawless emerald cut diamond ring (27cts)

Enchanted Beauty

Emerald and diamond earrings (Emeralds 60cts; Diamonds 9cts), 9 carat Colombian emerald and diamond ring (Diamonds 1ct)

Majestic Heritage

Sapphire and diamond necklace (Sapphires 93cts; Diamonds 54cts), bracelet (Sapphires 20cts; Diamonds 27cts), 14 carat Sri Lankan emerald cut sapphire and diamond ring (Diamonds 1cts)