Meet Tilda.

Everyday brilliance

 Tilda makes the everyday extraordinary, captivating all she meets with her irresistible allure. In Tilda’s world, daydreams come to life and adventures unfold as silk transforms at her touch into diamond ribbons. 

Close up of a  model wearing the Graff Tilda's Bow diamond jewellery

The Tilda’s Bow Collection

For effortless elegance all day long, each curve is set with pavé diamonds that delicately scintillate when they catch the light.

A Graff Tilda's Bow diamond necklace on top of the gouache painting

Freshly Tied

 Jewels are illustrated in high-definition detail by our designers, whose boundless imaginations conjure up perfect bows that capture the twists and turns of a silk ribbon, tied by Tilda mere moments ago.

Wildest Dreams

Diamonds are spun into sleek rows that bloom into voluminous bows, capturing Tilda’s irrepressible energy and luminous personality.

Close up of a model wearing the Graff Tilda's Bow diamond high jewellery

Always Eye-Catching

Crafted to inspire joy, Graff diamonds are the hero of each Bow jewel, unleashing flashes of brilliance as Tilda captures you in her gaze.

True Love

The tender beauty of each Graff bow is amplified by scintillating ribbons of diamonds that trace every precious curve.

Diamond Magic

Graff’s artisans custom cut each diamond by hand to create snaking curves and sleek silhouettes that embrace Tilda as she moves.
Model wears the Graff Tilda's Bow diamond jewellery with a featured ring

Spirited Away 

Tilda’s vivacious character is expressed in streams of diamonds that twist and entwine to form extraordinary high jewellery creations that defy the imagination.

Love Me Knot 

A minimalist and timeless symbol of a modern romance, Tilda’s knot radiates strength, confidence and unity.
Close up of a black and white photo of a model wearing the Graff Tilda's Bow diamond jewellery

All Tied Up

Petite yet powerful designs feature ribbons of pavé and pear shape diamonds, tightly bound in lively, contemporary knots. 
A Graff Tilda's Bow diamond watch with pear shape drop on a pink background

Freedom of Expression

Liberated from tradition, the Graff Bow becomes exquisitely entangled for eternity in bold and brilliant clusters of diamonds.