The Making Of


From gouache painting to flawlessly crafted finished piece, discover the different stages in the creation of one of the stand-out jewels from Graffabulous.

An Artist’s Eye

In the past, it is more likely that these richly coloured emerald beads would have been concentrated together. Instead, Graff’s designers chose to experiment with the beads, alternating them with clusters of diamonds to frame an intricate centre motif.

Natural Beauty

Emerald beads present a very different way of working when compared to faceted stones. The process is much more intuitive and relies on the mounter’s experience at the bench and how the beads feel in the hand.

Rich Tones

Highlighting the individual beauty of the different stones and shapes, the necklace has a unique rhythm that reaches its highest note at the centre motif, which radiates sleek, custom-cut diamonds.

Power to Enthral

The finished necklace reveals a beautiful complexity of detail, with the emerald beads grouped to form captivating patterns of colour that ripple outwards upon the décolletage.

Goddess of the Waterfall