We invite you to discover the next chapter of our partnership with Sana, which captures her adorned with jewellery pieces from Graff’s Tilda’s Bow collection, beautifully representing unconditional love and family bonds, perfectly tied. 

Meticulously crafted by Graff’s master artisans, the curves and loops of each bow capture the twists and turns of an exquisite silk ribbon tied to perfection, set with lustrous rows of round and custom-cut baguette shaped diamonds. Discover the jewellery worn by Sana.


Tied to Perfection

Diamond bows are spun into elegant rows, capturing Sana’s flawless allure and sparkling personality. Daydreams come to life, and adventures unfold as silk transforms at her touch into delicate ribbons, for effortless elegance all day long, scintillating as you catch the light with Tilda’s Bow.


Shine Bright 

Each of Graff’s iconic jewellery collections perfectly represents the many facets of every woman; jewels from the Tilda’s Bow collection emanate a powerful, feminine elegance. 


Graff Butterfly

Beautifully mesmerising, Sana embodies the transformative power of jewels from Graff’s Butterfly collection, reminding her of her strength, freedom and opportunity to fly. Adorned with a dazzling display of diamond Pavé Butterfly pieces, these enthralling creations perfectly embody her ethereal allure. 


Diamond Brilliance

Featuring either a single or triple butterfly motif with wings outstretched, vibrant clusters of pavé diamonds converge upon a magnificent marquise diamond in the Pavé Butterfly collection. Discover the jewels worn by Sana.


Eternal Elegance

Capturing the exquisite beauty of nature’s most captivating creature, pavé diamonds scintillate, mirroring the natural radiance of a butterfly’s wings.

The House of Graff

Yellow Diamond High Jewellery

Creator of the most fabulous jewels in the world, Graff has partnered with Sana from global girl group TWICE as its very first brand ambassador in Japan.


Graff Collections

Showcasing a myriad of motifs and styles, discover captivating and contemporary collections that capture the brilliance of Graff's signature gemstone.