The Butterfly Collection


An enduring influence on the House of Graff, the butterfly has inspired a collection of jewels that convey the delicacy and symbolism of one of nature’s most captivating creatures.

Butterfly Silhouette

Fusing the beauty of a diamond with contemporary design, Graff’s Butterfly Silhouette collection traces the outline of a butterfly in exquisite pavé stones.


Graff crafts exquisitely delicate diamond jewels that capture the ephemeral beauty of a butterfly

A tender depiction of a butterfly with wings outstretched, captured for eternity in delicately feminine jewels designed to bring brilliance to your every day.

“Drawn in shimmering diamonds, stylish dual finger rings feature gossamer-light butterflies that appear to float upon the skin.”


Dual fingers ring

Butterflies dance upon earrings, flutter on the finger and flit elegantly along fine gold chains in these effortlessly contemporary jewels.

Pavé Butterfly

Featuring either a single or triple butterfly with outstretched wings, vibrant clusters of pavé diamonds converge upon a magnificent marquise stone in Graff’s Pavé Butterfly collection.

Butterflies perform a hypotic aerial dance upon earring and rings, capturing their playful aerobatics with grace and elegance.
Wings are subtly angled to bring a lifelike dimension to the Pavé Butterfly necklace, showcasing the intricacy of craftsmanship for which Graff is renowned.

Classic Butterfly

Graff’s Classic Butterfly collection captures the perfect symmetry of a butterfly’s wings in eternally elegant designs that depict their alluring form in pear shape and marquise diamonds.

“Timeless and iconic, a single flash of inspiration, flawlessly executed, has inspired a whole universe of Butterfly jewels.”