The Graff Book

A story told in diamonds

This immersive coffee table book is the story of Laurence Graff and the House he has built, and a tribute to the creativity and talent of the designers, gem setters and craftspeople behind our jewels. Featuring beautiful photography and personal images from the Graff family archive, Graff makes mesmerising reading for aficionados of High Jewellery.

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Laurence Graff and a lady wearing Graff diamond jewels

Vivienne Becker


Jewellery historian Vivienne Becker recounts the fascinating story of how a self-taught Hatton Garden apprentice made his way from the East End of London to become a figurehead of the modern-day diamond world.

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The green lady wearing Graff diamond earrings and ring

A retrospective


A journey through Graff advertising campaigns over the years explores how our vision of glamour evolved, and how the most fabulous diamonds in the world were portrayed across shifting times and trends.

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An erupting volcano - the miracle diamond creation

Maria Doulton


Maria Doulton, founder of The Jewellery Editor, considers the fusion of natural wonder and extraordinary human ingenuity that transforms a diamond from a humble deposit in the Earth’s mantle to an irresistible vision of beauty.

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Laurence Graff holding famous diamonds

Joanna Hardy


Jewellery consultant Joanna Hardy examines our history as a custodian of the world’s most celebrated gemstones, tracing the epic journey of these once-in-a-millennium jewels from rough stone to wonder of the world.

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A Graff designer sketching a unique emerald necklace in paint

Vivienne Becker


Vivienne Becker steps into the London atelier of Graff’s design team, revealing the creative processes through which a designer’s dreams become a jewellery-lover’s reality.

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craftsman setting the stones of a white diamond necklace

Nina Hald


Jewellery author Nina Hald meets our artisans to learn how boundary-breaking technology and handcrafting skills dating back thousands of years contribute to the making of a masterpiece.

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A close up of a Graff Butterfly blue sapphire and diamond watch

Nicholas Foulkes


In the space of a single decade, we have become as well known for the intricacy of our horological engineering as for our jewels – Nicholas Foulkes examines the rapid rise of Graff Watches.

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A lady wearing Graff earrings and ring looking at her reflection

Joanne Harris


What does it take to fall in love with a stone? Chocolat author Joanne Harris recounts how an encounter with a Graff diamond inspired her own personal moment of rapture and revelation.

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How to Order

GRAFF is priced at £65. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Graff’s charitable foundation, FACET, which supports the education, health and well being of the people of sub-Saharan Africa from where we source, cut and polish many of our beautiful stones.

GRAFF is published by Rizzoli New York and features a foreword by Suzy Menkes, interviews with Laurence Graff OBE, and essays by leading writers and journalists. GRAFF is also available to buy from high-quality bookshops, online retailers and Graff stores worldwide.

To order your copy of GRAFF, please follow the process below. Please allow up to five working days for delivery. For shipping to other destinations or to order more than one copy, please email and we will be glad to assist.

Total Price: £65.00

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