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The Graff Eternal Twins - two identical D Flawless emerald cut diamonds weighing 50.23 carats each and the rough stone

The Eternal Twins


Sometimes – all too rarely – nature conspires to create something truly heart-stopping in its splendour. The 269 carat rough diamond discovered in Botswana could have produced dozens of spectacular stones, but we saw the potential for two immaculate, identical 50 carat stones of astonishing colour and clarity: The Eternal Twins.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

The Karowe mine in Botswana has produced some of the most exceptional stones of the last century, but when it brought a 269 carat rough into the hands of Graff’s gemologists, it created the possibility of something truly remarkable – a mirror-matching set of diamonds, each of an astonishing 50 carats.

"I knew the potential of the stone from the second I saw it – the challenge was making it a reality."

— Laurence Graff

Close up of the Eternal Twins diamonds on a cutting wheel

A Test of Talent

Obtaining two identical emerald cut diamonds from the same stone had never before been attempted on such a scale. Our gem-cutters embarked on a complex, and potentially risky, operation: meticulously lasering the rough to extract a pair of perfectly proportioned Flawless gems.

Graff Eternal Twins diamond in the workshop next to a loupe.

A Precise Art

The long, smooth facets of the emerald cut leave no room for error – especially at this magnitude. Any flaws become more visible, and achieving the optimal play of light between the facets requires mathematical precision on the part of the cutters and polishers.

A Reflection of Eternity

Our polishing team worked meticulously, alternating between the stones to ensure they were indistinguishable. When the twins were set into their ultimate home, a magnificent pair of earrings, it was clear that a historic feat had been achieved – two D Flawless 50.23 carat diamonds of perfect symmetry, both alive with fire and radiance.

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