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As the sun sets on the Tribal collection, the Night Moon is revealed — an iconic motif reimagined as a minimalist half-moon.

Night Moon Yellow and White Diamond High Jewellery Earrings

A contemporary interpretation of the classic chandelier-style earring, powerful and sculptural, a vibrantly rare collection of radiant cut yellow diamonds is showcased in our magnificent high jewellery earrings. Totalling 28.84 carats, the angular beauty of the yellow diamonds is echoed in the sleek, geometric lines of the design, which are embellished with pear shape and round white diamonds. 

Night Moon Yellow and White Diamond High Jewellery Necklace

A total of 98.43 carats of the finest stones converge in a work of diamond art and wearable sculpture that reinvents the classic fringe necklace for a modern age. The rare and remarkable collection of radiant cut yellow diamonds display exceptional vibrancy in this graphic display of diamond fire.

Precious Symbolism

Strength and joy emanate from bold, stylised Tribal silhouettes, which pair luminous yellow diamonds and pure white diamonds, enhancing their vibrant hue and creating prismatic patterns of brilliance.
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