The Making Of


The design of every piece of high jewellery at Graff is inspired by the stones — a very rare unheated antique sapphire, in this instance, superb in both size and quality. At 109 carats, sapphires of such a magnificent size are seldom seen, presenting a unique set of challenges to our designers.

Hidden Depths

The sapphire's depth had to be counterbalanced, which inspired the elegant diamond surround. "We experimented with different diamond shapes and the emerald cut worked perfectly," says Design Director Anne-Eva Geffroy. "It creates a step down to the diamond necklace while serving to celebrate this wonderful sapphire."

A Complex Art

The richly detailed architecture concealed beneath the necklace was created in CAD by master craftsman Sam Sherry. With a gem of this size, it is important to remove any superfluous metal from the design to ensure optimum comfort when worn. 

Spirit of Ingenuity

Designing a mount that perfectly complemented the positioning of the sapphire’s facets while rendering it imperceptible to the human eye was the next challenge. Working with a 3D scan of the sapphire, Sherry's design had to hold the stone securely, minimally and, crucially, invisibly. 

In Fine Detail

Playing with the Graff Icon, Sherry designed a new motif that is woven into the goldwork on the reverse of the necklace, providing strength as well as beauty to the multi-layered, three-dimensional pendant. 

Force of Nature

A magnificent synthesis of design, artisanship and technical expertise, the completed necklace is an extraordinary achievement, with many intricately crafted details that all serve to celebrate this wonderfully hued sapphire.

The Goddess of Divinity