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Turning Dreams into Reality

Celebrating precious colour

A magnificent synthesis of design, artisanship and technical expertise, discover the journey of a Graffabulous high jewellery necklace, from gouache drawing to finished jewel.

Drawing and Painting of Graff High Jewellery Yellow Diamond and White Diamond Necklace

A Singular Vision

Carefully orchestrated to reveal its beauty layer by precious layer, the design reveals a never-before-seen richness of detail, enhanced by 73 carats of Fancy yellow diamonds displaying a fabulous, uniform vibrancy of colour.
Making of Graff white and yellow diamond high jewellery necklace
Sculpted to display exquisite depth, the motif's contemporary semilune silhouette features calibré cut stones and round diamonds, set at opposing angles, overlaid with a 10 carat yellow diamond, for a thrilling sense of three-dimensionality. 
Images of a craftsman making of Graff yellow and white diamond high jewellery in workshop

Symphony of Stones

Each diamond is positioned by hand in its bespoke mount, creating measured lines of light and a rhythmic flow of colour, guiding the eye downwards towards the centre motif. 
Craftsman holding a Graff yellow and white diamond high jewellery pendant

Ray of Light

Every stone and every surface is given one final polish until it gleams, revealing a masterpiece of great precision and beauty, perfect from every angle, with the reverse as exquisitely crafted as the front.
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