Ultra Flat Tourbillon 43mm

The MasterGraff Ultra Flat Tourbillon houses exceptional technical expertise within the sleekest of designs, marrying two usually incompatible features of mechanical watchmaking – the whirling cage of a flying tourbillon and a svelte movement measuring just 3.5mm.

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Pioneering Innovation

The Ultra Flat successfully incorporates a whirling cage into an exceptionally slim 6.95mm case, with no detriment to its performance – a feat that took our Swiss horologists over a year to develop. The flying tourbillon completes a rotation in 60 seconds and ensures that timekeeping remains unaffected by friction and gravity.


Extraordinarily Slim

In order to fit within the 6.95mm case, each internal component, the dial and case back have been slimmed to achieve a phenomenal overall measurement.

Unique Iridescence

An intricate radial motif is hand-carved by our master craftsmen into striking
blue mother of pearl, with no two dials ever the same due to the natural colour
and lustre variations of individual shells.


A Crystal Clear Case Back

As with many Graff timepieces, a sapphire crystal case back allows for the beautiful inner-workings of the watch to be admired from every angle.

A MasterGraff Ultra Flat Diamond and Rose gold edition by Graff

Diamond Time

Offered with a diamond bezel expertly hand-set by Graff’s master gem-setters, or with an entirely diamond-set dial comprising 302 brilliant cut stones totalling 11.4 carats, set in either platinum or rose gold.

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