Tourbillon 45mm

The MasterGraff Tourbillon allows its wearer to keep track of time, never worrying about extra power. With a retrograde date indicator and a tourbillon with an in-laid small second hand, it strikes the perfect balance between precise timekeeping and refined design.

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A detailed view of the MasterGraff Tourbillon 45mm white dial in rose gold by Graff

An Enhanced Tourbillon

The MasterGraff Tourbillon features an inlaid second hand on the tourbillon window at the 9 o’clock mark, demonstrating our horologist’s unerring desire to innovate.

A detailed view of a MasterGraff Tourbillon 45mm power reserve indicator

A Powerful Reserve

The second complication of the MasterGraff Tourbillon is its power-reserve indicator, displayed at the 5 o’clock hour marker, which allows the watch to remain unworn for up to 120 hours without being wound.

detailed view of the MasterGraff Diamond Tourbillon watch with diamond dial setting

Each Day Counts

The MasterGraff Tourbillon features a date retrograde, allowing for the date to be determined at a glance. This third complication counts each day throughout the month, automatically resetting after the 31st day.

three MasterGraff Tourbillon 45mm watches

Precious Materials

Offered in a myriad of dials and bezel combinations, including black, white, blue, anthracite, or set with diamonds.

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