Minute Repeater 47mm

Originally created to discern the time in the dark before the advent of electricity, the beguiling charm of the minute repeater has held steadfast despite modern amenities. The MasterGraff Minute Repeater produces a flawless, unique chime like no other.

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A detail view of a minute repeater complication by Graff

Extraordinary Movements

The MasterGraff Minute Repeater houses two of the most complex horological complications: the minute repeater itself, which allows the watch to melodiously chime, as well as a flying tourbillon, which ensures phenomenally accurate mechanical precision.

Meticulous Development

It took Swiss horologists over two years to develop a movement that would uphold our exacting standards of precision, while also accommodating an exceptional minute repeater.

A Graff Men's Minute Repeater 47mm watch rose gold and brown version

Flawless Acoustics

Triggered by a gliding repeater slide, miniature hammers strike internal gongs to toll the hours, quarter hours and minutes in a charismatic peal of high to low notes, with a tone unique to Graff.

The transparent case reverse of the MasterGraff Minute Repeater watch by Graff

A Crystal Clear Case Back

A signature, faceted crystal case back inspired by the pavilion and culet of a diamond allows for the inner workings of the watch to be admired through the reverse.

A fully-set diamond MasterGraff Minute Repeater watch by Graff

Diamond Time

Offered with a striking diamond set bezel totalling 20.07 carats, all expertly cut and hand-set by our master gem-setters, or with a fully set dial comprising 98 baguette cut diamonds.

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Unique Iridescence

Available in numerous combinations of dial and bezel options, including a mother of pearl dial hand-carved with an elegant radial motif by our master craftsmen.


A MasterGraff Minute Repeater watch by Graff

Smoky Dials

An open-work dial is also available in black anthracite or navy blue, allowing for the intricacies of the inner workings to be admired.

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