Double Tourbillon GMT 47mm

The Double Tourbillon GMT 47mm comprises not just one, but two tourbillons, each with a 60 second rotation and 72 hour power reserve – simultaneously providing precise timekeeping in two different time zones.

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a close look of the double Tourbillon

Two Powerful Tourbillons

Pushing the boundaries of horological engineering, the Double Tourbillon GMT houses two tourbillons working together in harmony; one powering the centrally displayed time and the second powering an off-centre GMT indicator.

Exceptional Stamina

Both hand-wound tourbillons are supported by a power reserve, which allows the watch to remain unworn without winding for up to 72 hours.

A detail view of two tourbillons on the MasterGraff Double Tourbillon GMT watch by Graff

Emanating Sunrays

An intricately carved radial sunray dial
is offered in white, chocolate, blue, or
black with our distinctive emblem
– the Graff Icon – sitting prominently
at 3 o’clock.

A Graff Men's Double Tourbillon GMT 47mm fully set diamond watch

Diamond Time

Choose a diamond bezel, with our patented ‘invisible’ mosaic diamond setting mirroring the architectural facets of a diamond. An exceptional fully diamond-set model presents a baguette cut diamond dial hand-set with 307 diamonds.

the Crystal Clear Case Back of Double Tourbillon watches

Crystal Clear Case Back

A hallmark of our watches, a faceted crystal case back – inspired by the pavilion and culet of a diamond – allows for the beautiful inner workings of the watch to be admired from every angle.


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