The all-black

Eclipse Watches 43mm

Our Eclipse timepieces feature pioneering slim movements that comprise striking all-black components to create watches like no other: lightweight, distinctive and powerfully driven.

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Total Eclipse

Each component of the Eclipse watches is blacker than black: the Graff Icon, dial, hands, hour markers and black diamond-tipped crown. Even the tourbillon bridges of the Graff Eclipse Tourbillon have been considered, and blend seamlessly into the jet black timepiece.

The Graff Eclipse watch with a black feather

Extraordinarily Fine

The Eclipse Tourbillon measures only 8.2mm deep – unusually slim for a timepiece featuring a tourbillon complication. The Slim Eclipse has a total case size measuring less than 7mm, making it an exceptionally slender timepiece.

Graff Eclipse watch with black horse background

Exceptional Stamina

The watches are supported by a power reserve, allowing them to remain unworn for up to 48 hours without any need for winding.

Graff Eclipse watch with feather on leather texture background

Remarkably Lightweight

The Slim Eclipse weighs an astonishing 27 grams, and its Tourbillon counterpart weighs just 45 grams.

A detail view of the Eclipse Tourbillon watch dial by Graff

Outstanding Movements

Powered by an automatic tourbillon, the Graff Eclipse Tourbillon features a svelte movement measuring just 4.31mm, designed and crafted for Graff in Switzerland.

A Crystal Clear Case Back

A Crystal Clear Case Back

A sapphire crystal case allows for the beautiful inner workings of the Eclipse watches to be admired from every angle, and reveals a distinctive Graff Icon design pattern on the reverse.

A man wearing a Eclipse Watch

For Every Occasion

The refined, sophisticated design of the Eclipse timepieces lends them to both casual and formal occasions, suitable for everyday wear as well as black-tie attire.

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