Making of a Masterpiece – No. 1: Diamond Earrings


Each of Graff’s masterpieces is crafted in our London atelier in Mayfair. From design concept to final polishing, many pieces will not leave the workshop until more than 100 hours has been devoted to their creation. Using traditional goldsmithing tools alongside with state-of-the-art equipment, the world’s rarest diamonds are brought to life in unique creations, among them these astonishing new diamond earrings.

A designer hand paints a detailed two-dimensional representation of how a the earrings might look

Artistic Interpretation

Working to the brief and inspiration given by Laurence Graff, the designer creates a detailed two-dimensional representation of his or her vision of how the earrings might look. This hand-painted gouache communicates their beauty, feel and rhythm to the craftsman jeweller who will be tasked with bringing the design to life.

A collection of loose diamonds with a jewellers loupe

Perfect Selection

Next, diamonds are meticulously selected to complement the design. The final choice is dependent on the stones’ shape, cut, and size as well as their colour and clarity. It is imperative that each diamond enhances the other diamonds that will be placed alongside it in the finished piece.

The craftsman jeweller creates the mount in white gold

Precision in Gold

The craftsman jeweller creates the mount – the unique settings that hold each diamond securely in place – in white gold, according to the precise requirements of the design. They must remain as discreet as possible, allowing the diamonds to take their rightful place centre stage.

An artisan working on articulations within the earring setting

Secret Creation

Articulations are made that allow the diamonds, once set, to demonstrate the maximum play of light and to shimmer when worn. These intricate mechanisms are hidden within the mount so they do not detract from the diamonds’ visual impact.

“Graff’s master craftsmen utilise the same precise tools that goldsmiths have used for hundreds of years.”

The craftsman jeweller creates the mount in white gold

Exacting Placement

Once the mount is complete, it is pre-polished in the polishing workshop. Having been buffed, the earrings are handed over to the diamond setter, who carefully adjusts each stone in its collet before artfully securing it in white gold claws.

The final polishing on the earring setting using a series of different compounds

Shining Bright

Once every detail of the designer’s brief has been fulfilled, the final polishing can begin. Each part of the completed mount is taken through several stages of polishing, using a series of different compounds, until it achieves the same gleaming lustre as the diamonds it holds.

A Fabulous Finale

Once every detail has been checked, the finished earrings are released from the workshop. An exquisite adornment and an enduring expression of craftsmanship, quality and grace, they are finally ready to be acquired, worn and enjoyed.

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