Graff Foliage Jewellery Collection

New Foliage Collection Celebrates Music and Creativity

Like the great jazz artist Miles Davis, our designers are constantly contemplating what to create next. Among their most recent accomplishments is the Foliage collection, which celebrates the eternally intertwined relationship between music and creativity.

“I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning.”

 Miles Davis

Inspired by Miles Davis’ iconic jazz track ‘Autumn Leaves’, the new Foliage jewels capture the hypnotic rhythm of leaves falling from the trees, swirling in the wind as they float gently downwards. Juxtaposing different diamond cuts, including the marquise – which bears a striking resemblance to a leaf – the stones have been creatively set at different angles.

Dancing with movement, colour and radiance, the collection includes a sensational necklace set with emerald-cut emeralds and diamonds that cascade down the neckline in a daring V shape. Continuing this masterful homage to music, suites of jewels set with artistic compositions of pear shape and marquise stones are a reminder that nature and music are potent muses.

Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

Rubies 12.52 cts


Graff High Jewellery Foliage Emerald and diamond Necklace

Emerald and Diamond Necklace

Emeralds 66.91 cts


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