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Ruby High Jewellery

Burning Passion

For many thousands of years, rubies have been celebrated as symbols of romance and passion. Graff’s gemmologists, designers and master craftsmen work diligently with only the finest rubies in order to create high jewellery creations that are the heirlooms of tomorrow. We invite you to discover our extraordinary ruby jewels in our stores worldwide.

A heart shape ruby and diamond necklace by Graff

Burning Desire

Rubies have sparked both love affairs and battles thanks to the mythology and mysticism that are synonymous with these intensely hued stones. Often associated with passion and seductive temptation, the glowing colour of rubies also symbolises the sun.


A Quest for Perfection

Unearthing rubies of the same hue and clarity demands an enormous amount of patience over many months, or even years. Each ruby we employ is hand selected by the Graff family, and must pass a rigorous selection process before it is set.

“The way a ruby connects with you when you hold it in your hand is deeply personal.”

 Laurence Graff

A Graff ruby and diamond high jewellery ring

An Artist’s Vision

Gouache painting is one of the most crucial stages in the evolution of any Graff high jewellery design. Using coloured paints, our designers create an illustration of each jewel, executed in life-size scale, resulting in an artist’s impression of how it will look once it is brought to life.

Flawless craftsmanship

Once the overall design has been finalised, our master craftsmen can begin casting their spell, creating flawlessly intuitive pieces of jewellery that move with the body.

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